“The Guy”

So tell me about your “Guy.” No, I’m not asking about your personal life. I’m asking about that person in your company who is the jack of all trades. That one person you call every time a strange pop-up appears on your computer screen, when you need to change a password, when you need to add a new user to your computer network, when the server needs to be reset…you get the picture. Unfortunately, that “Guy” is normally supposed to be responsible for your bookkeeping, or running all of your business operations or managing your marketing campaigns.
Fiber Internet Cable

Why is Jill’s password, “stockimagessuck22?”

When a company starts up, and bootstraps to get moving, there is always an individual who is a little more technically minded who gets the responsibility of being the de facto “IT Guy.” Maybe they had a little background with computers, or maybe they were just good at solving problems, but always they felt the need to step up and help the business get where it needed to be.

The problem occurs when that organization has grown to 10, 15, 20 employees, and above; that individual is now pulled in way too many directions. IT is a critical component of the success of all business, and so are the normal responsibilities of your “Guy.” Business process and profitability are affected because that person is now unable to focus on their core function, and just as important, the quality of internal IT is below standard do to the fact that network is now put together way below what is needed for efficiency and security.

This is the inflection point. This is when a business must make the decision to hire someone full time to manage their IT or to bring in an outsourced Managed IT provider. A full time IT person could be cost prohibitive until the business has grown to an even larger size. Going the Managed IT route will always provide the best balance of standards, competency and value.

Taking the next step of finding the right IT Service Provider is an intimidating, and time consuming, process. A business at this stage doesn’t know what they should be paying for or how to compare the providers they may find. To solve this, a company should work with an objective third party adviser who will first learn needs and budgets and then broker the provider(s) that are the best match. This is why you call Compendium.

Remember, there’s nothing more valuable than your time.

I thought about creating a # dumptheguy campaign, in favor of the obvious next step there, but my kid tells me hashtags aren’t a thing anymore…ugh what do I know???

– Compendium